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Pinnacle Community Association Management (PCAM) opened its doors on March 1, 2006 and has since obtained clients ranging from condominiums, single family residences to high rise condominiums. PCAM employs a staff of fifty-two, all of which are stationed at the corporate office, on site communities, or in the field.

PCAM offers diverse experience that will guide Boards of Directors in situations that most communities have to deal with on a day to day basis. This ranges from implementing parking rules and dispersing decals, registering pets and maintaining a level of cleanliness to ensure that pet feces do not overtake the community to working with vendors to make sure they are meeting their contractual obligations.

Our management style is team based. All of our staff members can assist any Board Member and / or Homeowner with anything they might need. This style of management allows PCAM to be as flexible as the Board of Directors would like and still remain compliant with Nevada Revised Statute 116.

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"With a blend of professionalism and personality, Pinnacle treats our HOA as one of their own."

– Art Sanoja
Lamplight Village at Centennial Springs Homeowners Association Board Member
Pinnacle Community Association Management, Inc., Property Management, Las Vegas, NV